Course curriculum

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    So, you're thinking of starting a Support Program?

    • Welcome!

    • Internet Resources

    • Books you might find helpful

    • Considerations in Starting a Student Support Program at Your School

    • A Reading Specialist Talks about Language Development and Reading

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    Various Documents to Help You Get Started

    • Classis Article Inclusion of Students with Learning Disabilities in CCE

    • The Benefits of Learning Disabilities

    • A Classroom of Embodied Beings by Athena Oden, PT

    • Dyslexia Warning Signs by Susan Barton

    • Our Student Support Services Progrm

    • Fundamentals of Inclusion as a Model for Providing Student Support

    • Student Support Services Video Intro

    • Sample IEP of High School Student

    • Activities for an Inclusive First Grade with a student who is developmentally delayed

    • Grading Modification Policy